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Oh I love…

I am obsessed with this beautiful little book, which is part of a very cool exhibition in Melbourne called “Insert Coin Here“.

I went through a fascination with Japanese vending machines around eight years ago. The quirkier the better. I still like them, so this concept really pleases me.

Can someone in Melbourne please find one of these two vending machines and insert $2?

Pretty please?

Fancy some yellow fever?

While happily browsing lately, I came across this photo shoot that fashion photographer, Chen Zhun did for FHM in China.

I think it’s one of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a taster…

No frame

italian vogueI’ve seen a few fashion shows and shoots recently that feature women with no eyebrows. Shaved or died a faint hue, it’s quite a distinctive look but one I doubt will reach the mainstream.

My mother, like many Asian women has her eyebrows tattooed on. She had them done years ago. They actually faded and went blue (so entertaining) so she had to get them re-done. The silly git who was in control of the needle somehow strayed off the line and she ended up with two at the end of her brow.

Many of us pay quite a bit of attention to our eyebrows. Would you shave or die yours to meet a passing phase?