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Just two days

If there was one thing I would bottle, besides the feeling I get when I’m sick and my son strokes my forehead (who’s the parent here, right?), it would be the weekends. You know the ones when you awake feeling fresh and new, no hangover, no additional work, no obligations… just good.

I’ve become quite selfish about the weekends. Oh yes. I like sleep ins, followed by the warm intoxication of fresh coffee. Sporadic conversations with Wolf, in between passive jazz notes. Shared showers. And lately, slowly making our way down to youeni.

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What happens once the secret is out?

secretI’ve been thinking about the secret dining/club/bar trend over the weekend, wondering what will be next. I realise there are naturally more trends within this space, I guess we all crave a new way to connect and be entertained.

A part of me hopes that the secret trend doesn’t stay a flash in the pan idea but sparks a broader movement. Nothing bonds people like a good secret. I love the intimacy, the conversation, the generosity and the emphasis on the unexpected.

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