What happens once the secret is out?

secretI’ve been thinking about the secret dining/club/bar trend over the weekend, wondering what will be next. I realise there are naturally more trends within this space, I guess we all crave a new way to connect and be entertained.

A part of me hopes that the secret trend doesn’t stay a flash in the pan idea but sparks a broader movement. Nothing bonds people like a good secret. I love the intimacy, the conversation, the generosity and the emphasis on the unexpected.

Part of me thinks the next thing it will be… a rebellion against all things glossy and premium. Perhaps fueled by the GFC, perhaps because you can afford the choice of choosing to go down-grade, maybe unassuming venues, help-yourself service, simple food, kegs and no waiting lines will be the new thing. It says “f!ck you” to the notion that we should all aspire to experience the exclusive. And it’s different.

For me, I wish things started later. It’s purely selfish and who knows whether they’d be a market for it, but I love the night time cultures of Asia and Europe where it doesn’t feel like things die at night… No. It’s quite the opposite.

What do you think?

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