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Just Google me

I was at a gig this week, reveling in all the good music currently on offer, when I was approached by a new friend. We keep bumping into each other at events and share a loose connection via work. And while entertaining some small talk, he mentioned something that I know I didn’t tell him.

It was a small and insignificant fact, but still, he must have picked it up online as it’s not something we’ve ever discussed.

It made me wonder… Could I have been Googled?

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Fast, slow, fast, slow

I know it’s a trait of modernity, but I feel a rebellion against instant gratification lately. We can get everything on demand these days. What happened to a slow seduction and developing ideas over time?

Instant messenger, instant friendship, instant pleasure, instant food… I feel like turning off, going off the technology reservation, writing letters, slow cooking and getting to know people over long afternoons where there’s comfortable space for a bit of silence.

I think we can sacrifice quality for wanting everything now. Flavours don’t have any depth – whether it’s in a relationship or a concept. I don’t want to use abbreviations anymore. I want someone to tell me a good story. And the irony is that I want all of this now.