Just two days

If there was one thing I would bottle, besides the feeling I get when I’m sick and my son strokes my forehead (who’s the parent here, right?), it would be the weekends. You know the ones when you awake feeling fresh and new, no hangover, no additional work, no obligations… just good.

I’ve become quite selfish about the weekends. Oh yes. I like sleep ins, followed by the warm intoxication of fresh coffee. Sporadic conversations with Wolf, in between passive jazz notes. Shared showers. And lately, slowly making our way down to youeni.

My brother is the barista there and although I try oh so hard not to be biased, he makes an undeniably beautiful cuppa. But it’s not just the coffee or the delectable food that I love. Wolf and I can set up camp there. It’s the kind of place where we can do this. He draws, builds Lego creations and has an arrangement where he clear plates for three Lego men a day.

And we sit there for hours, indulging in all the deliciousness with friends and I feel like I’m kinda hanging out with my busy brother. I tell friends when we’ll be there and people just comfortably drop by. Yes, like I own the place or something.

I have an enormous sense of pride when I see Andrew there. And his manner with people. And the way he picks apples with Wolf from their gorgeous grocery section for juice. The way they’ve built most of the furniture in the cafe from things reclaimed… When I see him there, I know he’s doing something he loves and that makes me feel great. I leave with a sense that time has been dragged out, just for me.

So you must visit him. And tell him I sent you.


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  1. Oh Catho, I gotta check this out! The website looks awesome!

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