Releasing your inner nanna

I have an admission of sorts to make and it has nothing to do with Geek Pride Day today. No. This confession relates to my interests and joys and perhaps my fears as well.

I’m becoming an old woman.

I don’t mean that in a literal sense (of course we’re all getting old), but when I look back on my weekends and things I love to do, they currently include the following:

  • Gardening – planted a new herb garden in the backyard and a gorgeous plant area on our veranda (complete with blackboard stickers and chalk for visitors and the wee ones)
  • Cooking – particularly soups and stews, my butcher knows me by name now
  • Having tea parties with friends – wish I were joking here
  • Visiting the local markets
  • Hanging out with our new kitten
  • Knitting – spent last weekend finishing a kick ass red hooded scarf, pattern bought from the horrifically overcrowded Finders Keepers market last Friday night. I considered cross stitch today. My sister and I may plan to knit family blankets together.
  • Reading – overseas subscriptions may rescue me here, but I doubt it
  • Going to bed at 9pm

To make matters worse, I think my Asian genes have finally defeated my Scottish genes in the alcohol stakes as I can only stomach a couple glasses of wine before extreme exhaustion overcomes me.

The hook is super cute though. Right?

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