Focus Pocus

At first I blamed the end of the year and its traditional tiredness, but no, my words just aren’t binding lately. Sure, I sense guilt and a desire to write, but nothing translates. So instead of pushing it, here are some random bits and pieces that have been billowing…

* I love lists and there are so many things I like about this interview on them, featuring the rather brilliant Umberto Eco. The mental image of his 70 meter hallway dedicated to literature, which only houses around 50,000 books, blows my mind. Just slightly.

* I’ve been writing a lot lately, you know, the old school way. There’s something about that soft scratch of a pencil on paper that romances me. Wolf starts kindergarten soon (no, let’s not talk about it) and I wonder whether an early introduction to technology will rob him of this. And whether it will really matter.

* Everyone seems to be getting tattoos these days, with the exception of those pesky-to-remove inky eyelid kinds. And although they’re probably considered mainstream, I’m still struck when I see one that is aesthetically quite becoming or just plain cool… yes, I thought of you my friend.

* I love the movies. Love. I adore sitting in the theater after the film has finished and reading the credits, the playlist, etc, but am rebelling against the hype of Avatar. Won’t/can’t do it. No.


* I have a hole in one of my back teeth. It’s not a small one either and seems to be getting bigger. My tongue is a bit obsessed with exploring it. I have health insurance and no real excuse… just keep forgetting. I know, it’s bad.

3 responses to “Focus Pocus

  1. I take great pleasure in seeing people horrid tattoos. If someone punishes me with their “I’ve always wanted to get *insert horrible tattoo idea here* on my… whatever”, I eagerly advise them to then go out and get the Southern Cross/Butterfly/Leprechan they’ve always wanted, as I’m suuuuure it’ll look grrrreat.


    This guy is pretty radical:

    Pencil and paper are also pretty radical. Good move.

    “Why am I so interested in the subject? I can’t really say. I like lists for the same reason other people like football or pedophilia. People have their preferences”

    I’m not sold on the idea that people like football and pedophilia because they don’t want to die… just saying.

  2. giggle, giggle CK, hehehehe, go forth people and get that southern cross tattoo!!!

    Oh Catho, I love that story about your tooth.. LOVE…

    finally, Wolf will always be old school in this crazy world.. he’s got you…

  3. catherineonline

    Christopher –

    I love that link. Love.

    I read into that article a little differently… that Eco likes lists for the same reason that some people football – it’s all about individual preferences (not about death).

    And he thinks people like lists because they help us understand things, define what we find almost impossible to do so – they don’t need to have an end, and we like things that are eternal as our lives are the opposite.

    Rene –

    Sorry you had to witness my tooth hole obsession in person…

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