I’m a big fan of letters. Of course the notion is a romantic and idealistic one, but I like it. Handwritten thoughts to someone seems old school and awfully special, especially in this hyper colour, electronic age.

I’ve toyed around with the idea for some time now, but it’s never panned out. I’m still holding it though. Just in case.

So, you can just imagine how much I liked coming across this site and particularly, this post. I adore the image of a 14 year old Slash talking quite obsessively about his guitar – and loosing a girlfriend over it too. I’m reading The Rum Diary at the moment so I really like this one too, faxed over by none other than the great Hunter S. Thompson.

And speaking of all things nostalgic, anyone who’s ever been to my house knows I have quite a thing for Polaroids. So this site definitely deserves a mention. I wish I had even just a couple of these images in my hallway. Major job envy.

2 responses to “SIGH…

  1. Thanks for linking a girl up. Much appreciated.
    Ouni. (A Polaroid Story)

  2. catherineonline

    Anytime… I love your site x

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