A Great Escape

There are times when an escape is the most indulgent and satisfying thing you can do. Sure, you realise the curve balls you’ve dodged might be there upon your return – there may even be new ones – but for now you have permission to abandon it all and just breathe.

So I recently escaped to embark on a European adventure. On my own. And even though I missed Wolf quite spectacularly, I can’t express how wonderful it was to steal all of that time.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the simple bliss I felt while wandering through the beautiful streets of Paris; lying under the Eiffel Tower in the soft sunshine watching ponies slowly ferry excited children; laughing and talking men and dating while crammed onto a tiny Juliette balcony, tipsy and smoking cigarettes with stunning Beligium and French women during a delicious 10 course meal at the Hidden Kitchen Private Supper Club; salsa dancing in the home of a French film producer while his friends made deliciously dangerous cocktails; all of those impromptu coffee dates; and being stopped by the wife of legendary jazz musician Benny Golson after watching her husband and his band brilliantly perform in perfect little jazz club to exchange compliments, stories, hugs and well wishes. Then there was the absolute joy of being with my family (and my favourite cousins) in Norway to celebrate my sister’s wedding and the absolutely refreshing day I spent deep in conversation with my friend Sam as he took me on his infamous tour of London.

Others may be different, but I don’t think I could’ve had this trip in my twenties. There’s something about being older, although, according to this article happiness will really hit when I’m fifty. I kinda like that. A lot. In the meantime though, I’m planning another European visit for the end of the year… Why not?

One response to “A Great Escape

  1. So beautifully written, it felt almost as though I had escaped with you. I’ve seen the pictures, I am so glad you got to spend some well-deserved time with yourself. Sounds like the trip of a life time… that should definitely happen again end of 2010!

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