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Height of anticipation

I read an article this week about Billi Bierling, the first German woman to reach the summit of Everest from the Nepalese side and return alive. And besides the shock of how you can get hot showers, fresh bread, strawberries and movie nights at Base Camp, I was moved by the passion mountaineers have for these truly amazing structures.

I guess we don’t have that here in Sydney. I remember being mesmerised the first time I saw a set of snow capped mountains. They seem to frame the horizon so perfectly. But even though I was so taken, the thought of being so far away from a lovely sandy beach was too much. It always brings me home.

Wolf and I can’t wait for summer. We’ve started talking about it a lot. He wants to go camping. We want to tidy up our garden. We plot how to move our trampoline from mum’s house to ours. We plan to spend days by the water, swimming and lounging.

I can’t wait. bondi-beach-sydney-ausw626

The long and short of it

Long haired booPrivate opinions generally take a backseat when you become a parent. Everything from what people see your child eating, to their clothes, to their behaviour warrants the rise of random voices, usually in protest. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can certainly be annoying.

The issue of Wolf’s hair has always been one of these. Continue reading