What if…

I’ve recently been fascinated by the notion of technology as an extension of our minds. This idea first came to light when I changed mobile phones. I didn’t know anyone’s phone number, with the exception of my clients (shame) and my sister (practically the same person, doesn’t count).

I then realised I don’t know anyone’s email address. My computer anticipates these. I don’t need a grocery list as I do a lot of shopping online. And then while doing homework with Wolf I instantly reached for my calculator when it came time for maths… What? I work in PR; we don’t really do numbers unless we’re working with a survey.

And this doesn’t even take into count how social media has impacted things…

Our phones, calculators and computers are taking the place of our memory, maintaining our contacts and ability to spell. Blog are for thoughts and ideas. Facebook holds our pictures and many of our social relationships, and Twitter is a general account of our days.

It’s a little Big Brother of me, but I wonder what would happen if someone out there started to monitor all of this and sort of group everyone’s emotions and experiences into one big collective mind.

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