The Pop-Up

We’ve all heard of the whimsical pop-up store, the concept has been around for years now. From pop-up stores and bars to restaurants, the realm of this fleeting experience has always been peppered liberally with creativity.

I’m particularly fascinated with some of the more established version of this genre – can we call it a genre now? Pop-up shopping centres and hotels seem to be where we’re headed. Personally, I really want to stay at the Lost & Found hotel in Melbs. Anything the Right Angle Studio touches seems to result in instant inspiration (today’s gold). And the notion is so very generous – come and stay for free and revel in the creativity our city has to offer.

Yes please.

I know a lot of people who are extremely tired and sceptical of the pop-up. I guess it’s a blatant attention seeker. I think I like it because it’s so experimental. It’s like a casual dater who isn’t locked into anything- they’re often open to try a host of different things to see what works. And in cities where we practically bolt from any form of commitment, the pop-up seems to work.

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